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Cute PixieLilie

Welcome To

~Baby PixieLilie's Nursery~

Bright Blessings! This is PixieLilie's Guardian Mousie Angel. She is here not only to welcome everyone to my baby's nursery, but also to protect and watch over my beautiful ~Pixie~. Please try to be a bit quiet, as ~Pixie~ may be sleeping...shhh... :o)

Welcome Home ~PixieLilie~!

This is PixieLilie or ~Pixie~ for short, whom I adopted on May 08,1998 from the MousePad Orphanage. Although she spends most of her time sleeping, ~Pixie~ does like to play and watch her cat 'tigger' chase butterflies. She is a very precious and adorable little baby mousie whom I love very much...

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Here is ~PixieLilie~ when she's awake...isn't she the cutest little mousie!!

And here's that mischevious little kitten 'tigger', he loves playing with butterflies!

I hope you enjoyed your visit to ~PixieLilie's~ Nursery and we hope you come back soon!!

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